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How Attractive Are You?

No, not your physical appearance, but rather your ability to attract what it is you desire to have in your life. Let me ask you a question – Is there something in your personal or professional development that you wish you could change or improve, but haven’t been able to harness the skills and energy to change, no matter how hard you’ve tried? Are you making your life into a cemetery by burying your gifts and talents? Or, are you doing well, but you desire to better your skills?

If the answer is “yes”, there’s a good chance you’re going to need some extra support to help you succeed.

About Achieve It First….

Meet Darrell May

I believe that by understanding where you belong holds the power to get you out of where you don’t belong.

I will not give you a lot of high-sounding philosophies; principles that will vanish when they’re exposed to the realities of life. 

However, I will arm you with fresh insights and actionable tools you can use to overcome mental stumbling blocks. Reach your own potential, so you can shape your future.

Remember: Whatever we have been in the past, has very little to do with who we can become (our best self) in the future. Be you – successfully.

Darrell May has ______ years  experience as a life coach, and is sought out by high school athletic teams, individuals, and ______________ for his authentic and highly motivating approach to building a better life.

Darrell is available for keynote presentations, one on one coaching sessions, or group coaching.



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In order to achieve a clarity in purpose for your life, you need to create or find avenues in which to positively express and share your gifts. Only then can you fully understand these talents you hold and become of service to others.

Darrell May, Life Coach